Prairie Teez – Custom Apparel

We design and create custom tee shirts for businesses, events, teams, professionals, and nonprofits in Eastern Oregon & beyond.


How’s It Work?

Minimum Order Quantity : 25 Tees | Production Time : 7-9 Business Days | Single or Full Color Artwork

Accepted Artwork File Formats – PNG, SVG, PSD, or AI. We can reformat your artwork for print if needed.

1. Get in touch & get a quote

Use our quote form or get in touch via email or phone to begin your order.

We just need to know the total number of tees you need, specific size quantities, color choices, and we will need to take a look at the design you want printed.


2. Place your order

Your quote will also seve as the invoice, you can choose to pay it then and we will begin crafting your order!

3. Receive your tees

After placing your order, you can expect to receive your tees in the next 7-9 business days.

If you’re local, we can personally deliver your items, otherwise we will ship your tees in the most economical way possible.


What's the minimum number of tees I can order?

We require you to order at least 25 tees with the same design. You can mix and match tee colors, sizes, and styles.

What's the maximum number of tees I can order?

We can print up to 250 tees and still hit our typical delivery timeline. For every 75 tees ordered after the first 250, please add 1 day to our expected production time.

Do you offer other items like hoodies, long sleeves, etc.?

We currently don’t offer hoodies, but we do offer long sleeve tees for an added cost. You can also mix and match long sleeve tees with short sleeve tees if you meet our 25pc minimum order quantity.

How long does it take to receive my tees?

You can expect to receive your order within 7-9 business days after placing your order.

What's your pricing for bulk orders (25+pcs)?

Pricing varies depending on the design complexity and selected tee styles. These prices are just roundabout estimates for basic short sleeve tees.

Single Color Design

25-75 printed tees : $11.75 each | 75-100 tees: $10.75 each | 100+ tees: $10.25 each

Multi-Color Design

25-50 printed tees : $14.75 each | 50-100 tees : $14.25 each | 100+ tees : $13.75 each

Do you offer design services?

If you don’t have a logo or print-ready artwork, we can create your next tee shirt design for you!

How can we contact you?

You can contact us by emailing or by calling or texting 541-623-9382.